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We’ve created this Information Hub because all 24,000 Incorporated Societies are going to need help with registration. You will find articles, guides, videos, FAQs and links to upcoming free seminars so you can be empowered to take the right next steps.

We welcome your questions and there is an FAQ with more than 125 questions and answers below.

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We have recently been privileged to work with Steven Moe at Parry Field Lawyers as we work through the changes required by the new Incorporated Societies Act.  This provided CCS Disability Action with an opportunity to assess whether our governance arrangements and legal structure are still set up in the best way possible to meet our needs, and whether there are improvements that can be made.

 In addition to working to assess our current legal structure and provide us with a range of options to consider, Steven worked to understand our vision and values. This allowed us to form and authentic partnership with Steven, focused on our potential to serve disabled people and families now and into the future. As well as feeling like Steven was committed to using his knowledge to make a positive difference for our organisation, we appreciated his ability to bring legal concepts to life through clear and effective communication. Thank you, Steven and Parry Field Lawyers, for your support. – Lucy Green | National Manager Marketing Communication & Fundraising of CCS Disability Action

Our Free Incorporated Societies Guide and Key Issues to be Considering

Free Guide for Navigating Re-Registration

We have a guide Incorporated Societies called Navigating Reregistration – email for your free copy

Click here for a video introduction on the changes for Incorporated Societies

Residents Associations and Re-Registration (or not) Under the New Incorporated Societies Act 2022

The Incorporated Societies Act 2022 (“Act”) has created new requirements that all incorporated societies must meet in order to reregister under the Act. The most relevant requirements that may prevent your Residents Association from reregistering under the Act are discussed in our article here.

Free Informative Zoom Sessions and out Q&As

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We have held more than 20 of these sessions and here is some of the feedback we received:

“This has been super!”

“We were all most impressed with your presentation, plain language and your passion for incorporated societies. It was most helpful in a time of change which will not be easy or straightforward for many of us in order to comply for re-registration.”

“Thank you for a really informative session.”

“Again thank you for your pro-bono work in offering these seminars they emulate what the larger profession should be doing to ensure access to justice in the form of competent information.” – FaAfuhia Fia

FAQ: Our answers to 133 questions received (so far)

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Incorporated Societies vs Charitable Trusts

Our Informative Videos

We have a series of informative videos that discuss changes that are happening, how to re-register and other action that needs to be taken.
Our contents below lets you know what the videos are about.

Video Contents

Recent Articles

Recent Changes to the Charities Act: Part I

The new Charities Amendment Act 2023 (the Act) amends the Charities Act 2005. Some of its changes are already in force, having been introduced in July and October this year, while other changes come into force from 5 July 2024. In this two part…

Recent Changes to the Charities Act: Part II

We continue our two part update covering the changed brough on by the Charities Amendment Act 2023 (the Act). In part one we covered the changes that came into effect in October 2023. In this part two, we cover the changes that are coming into…

Transitioning from an Incorporated Society to a Charitable Trust

Now is a great time to consider whether the legal vehicle of your society is best serving your needs. We've outlined the pros and cons of Incorporated Societies and Charitable Trusts as entities here. If you believe a Charitable Trust is…

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December 2023 Impact Sector Update

Kia ora All, Like all of you, I am ready for a break and fly out – today!  I am ready for the holidays.  But we have been putting out some impact team content recently so sharing as may help you. Videos: The Seeds Impact Conference…

September 2023 Impact Sector Update

Kia ora!  Hope you are all enjoying Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week 2023) and even trying out some new kupu! The feedback on the Charities Healthchecks has been amazing – I pasted an example below, thanks again to the 100…

Release of Charities Healthcheck Guides

Kia ora All, I am pleased to release the Charities Healthcheck guides.  Huge thanks to the 100 people who helped make this possible by reviewing, commenting or encouraging (each of you are listed at the start of these ‘collaborative’ guides). This…

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