Buying or selling a house during the COVID-19 lockdown period

30/03/2020/by Cora Granger

Suspending a contract: What is ‘Force Majeure’ in a contract, and what does it mean in light of COVID-19?

The law recognises that in certain events which are beyond…
30/03/2020/by Cora Granger

Companies, Directors and COVID-19: What should you be doing to respond?

Uncertain times require stong leadership from company directors. …
30/03/2020/by Cora Granger

COVID-19: Paying your employees

We are aware that a number of employers are unsure at this time…
26/03/2020/by Cora Granger

Leases and COVID-19: How will this impact?

As we are in the midst of an uncertain time there are lots…
26/03/2020/by Cora Granger

Applying for the Government Wage Subsidy for COVID-19

The Government will support employers if you face laying off…
26/03/2020/by Cora Granger

COVID-19: Key Legal Issues for Businesses

We live in unprecedented times. In this short guide we have set…
25/03/2020/by Cora Granger

Impact Investment: Investing in our Future

We live in a time when paradigms are colliding. Old conceptions…
17/03/2020/by Amy Morrison

Good news for medium sized companies raising capital

There have been some recent changes which will positively impact…
17/02/2020/by Cora Granger

Trade Marks: When is something “similar” too confusing to be registered?

Before applying to register your mark, you should always search…
03/02/2020/by Cora Granger

What happens if you don’t get consent when purchasing sensitive land in New Zealand?

The Overseas Investment Act 2005 imposes various requirements…
28/01/2020/by Cora Granger

Does your Charity need a Common Seal?

23/01/2020/by Cora Granger

Charity Law, Accounting and Regluation Conference 2020

21/01/2020/by Cora Granger

Duties and Liabilities Imposed On A Director of A New Zealand Company

New  Zealand’s Companies Act 1993 and common law impose duties…
17/01/2020/by Leigh Gray

Key tips when joining your first Board

Are you considering joining your first board and not sure where…
16/12/2019/by Cora Granger

Proposed Changes to the Privacy Act in New Zealand

Do the Privacy Bill’s proposed changes mean that your business…
05/12/2019/by Cora Granger

Beneficiaries Rights to Information

Are you a beneficiary wondering what trust information you are…

Charitable Trusts in New Zealand: Practical checklist when setting up after you have incorporated

We’ve already written about the process and steps to set up…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

The meaning and guidance behind “wholly or mainly” from IRD

Some charities provide benefit partly for New Zealand purposes…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Exploring the Review of the Charities Act

A review of the Charities Act 2005 (the “Act”) has been talked…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Is sport charitable?

Section 5(2A) of the Charities Act 2005 states that “the promotion…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison
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