Does your Charity need a Common Seal?

23/01/2020/by Cora Granger

Charity Law, Accounting and Regluation Conference 2020

21/01/2020/by Cora Granger

Duties and Liabilities Imposed On A Director of A New Zealand Company

New  Zealand’s Companies Act 1993 and common law impose duties…
17/01/2020/by Leigh Gray

Key tips when joining your first Board

Are you considering joining your first board and not sure where…
16/12/2019/by Cora Granger

Proposed Changes to the Privacy Act in New Zealand

Do the Privacy Bill’s proposed changes mean that your business…
05/12/2019/by Cora Granger

Beneficiaries Rights to Information

Are you a beneficiary wondering what trust information you are…

Charitable Trusts in New Zealand: Practical checklist when setting up after you have incorporated

We’ve already written about the process and steps to set up…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

The meaning and guidance behind “wholly or mainly” from IRD

Some charities provide benefit partly for New Zealand purposes…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Exploring the Review of the Charities Act

A review of the Charities Act 2005 (the “Act”) has been talked…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Is sport charitable?

Section 5(2A) of the Charities Act 2005 states that “the promotion…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

What is an Old for Old Indemnity Policy

The High Court decision in Lee v IAG[1] provides clarification…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Insurers Exposed to Paying Interest for Delay


Lee v IAG[1]…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Can I get legal costs when I settle out of Court?

Can I get legal costs when I settle out of court?

Since the…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Capital Gains Tax: The Final Word

The much-anticipated final report of the Tax Working Group (TWG)…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Can an Employment Agreement be varied?

The short answer is, it depends. Key factors include what the…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

When Was the Last Time You Looked at Your Privacy Policy?

At the start of last year, we were gearing up for the introduction…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Protecting sensitive information in meetings

How can you ensure that people have the freedom to share their…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

What is involved in registering as a financial service provider in New Zealand?

Under the Financial Services Providers (Registration and Dispute…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Trade Mark Protection: Mark my Word

Key things to know when registering and maintaining a trade mark…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Broadening your Horizons? How to register your Trade Mark Internationally

Applying for a trade mark with IPONZ will only protect your company…
26/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Could you be more specific? Working out your Trade Mark’s Specification

To properly classify and protect your trade mark, IPONZ requires…
22/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Trade Mark Protection: What is a Search and Preliminary Advice Report? Do I need one?

The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) encourages…
22/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

No Offence! Ensuring your Trade Mark is not likely to offend Māori and other Community Groups

The Trade Marks Act 2002 outlines that trade marks must be rejected…
22/08/2019/by Amy Morrison

Serving alcohol at your end of year work Christmas party? Be aware of the risks!

Are you hosting an end of year work Christmas party for your…
22/08/2019/by Amy Morrison
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