About Us

“To the heart of what matters”

Our tagline was developed just before the Canterbury earthquakes in 2011 and it saw us through those difficult times. We see the client in a rounded way and want to help them with ‘what really matters’, for legal services and beyond, when appropriate.

We are a New Zealand owned company that has been serving you since 1948. Our founder Glynn Parry was joined in partnership by Brian Field in the early 1950’s. From the late 1970’s Peter van Rij, Ken Lord and (from the mid 1980’s) Grant Adams have led the firm into a new period of growth. Today we have grown to eight Partners, more than 60 staff and operate from three locations (Christchurch, Rolleston and Hokitika). Most recently, Parry Field Lawyers incorporated as a company under the Companies Act 1993 on 1 July 2021. Parry Field Lawyers Limited and our growing team are excited by what the future holds and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional legal services aimed at getting to the heart of what matters to our valued clients.

Our Vision

Heart: Provide practical legal guidance while integrating our core values into our practice.
Team: Implement a team environment that unleashes and empowers every individual.
Growth: Develop new and enduring relationships. Explore innovative approaches to legal practice.

What makes us unique

We are not the biggest or smallest!
Our team of more than 60 staff work closely together in teams focusing on the areas of Property, Advisory and Disputes work. We think our size gives us unique advantages as we can be fast-moving and nimble. We have the size to deal with major transactions and ensure high-quality work with personalised service.

We have helped a variety of clients with their legal structures and getting things set up right – these are short insights into some of their journeys about how we worked with them and what our legal input meant.  Stories are powerful and we love to know that our clients are out there helping change the World for the better so we will be adding to these over time. Click the link here to read more.