Parry Field Charitable Foundation

In 2009 the Partners of Parry Field Lawyers established a charitable trust with general charitable purposes.  We realised that some clients of the firm who were charitably minded did not have the time to spend attending to the application of gifts to various charities.  They wanted someone else to administer the particulars of their giving.  For some the desire for anonymity with their giving  was also a factor.

The Trust is registered with the Charities Registration Board (CC33553) and donations over $5 qualify for a donation rebate from the Inland Revenue Department.

The Firm also contributes into the fund each year.  The income derived from investing these funds has been applied towards various charities including World Vision, Hagar, Amnesty International, Tear Fund, Canterbury Charity Hospital, Canterbury Medical Research Foundation and others.

If you would like further information about the Trust contact the Trustees at Parry Field Lawyers or by email as follows:

Ken Lord:
Grant Adams: