Migrants 移民

Our People 我们的员工

We have approximately 80 staff in 3 offices who focus on the full range of legal issues. Our migrant team lead by Partnership Chair, Kris Morrison, and Partner, Doris Tu, and includes 8 Mandarin speakers, 1 Cantonese speaker, 1 Japanese speaker and 1 Taiwanese speaker.

我们在三个办事处有大约 80 名员工,专注于各种类型的法律事务。我们的移民团队由合伙人主席 Kris Morrison ,包括 8 名说中文普通话的成员、1 名提供粤语服务的成员和 1 名提供日语服务的成员。

Doris Tu

Doris Tu


Doris is a Partner at Parry Filed Lawyers. She joined Parry Field Lawyers in 2012.

Doris 是 Parry Field Lawyers 的合伙人。她于 2012 年加入 Parry Field Lawyers。

Doris completed her Masters in Law specialising in International Trade at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, and was first admitted as a lawyer in 2005. Prior to doing her Masters, Doris practiced in a law firm in the North Island in general practice for three years.

Doris在基督城的坎特伯雷大学完成了国际贸易方向的法学硕士学位,并于 2005 年获得执业资格。在攻读硕士学位之前,Doris 曾在北岛的一家律师事务所执业三年。

Doris is a leader of the commercial property team working mainly with migrant investors. She acts on complicated investment structures and negotiates contracts to acquire assets in New Zealand.

Doris 领导着商业与地产团队并主要与移民投资者合作。她参与处理复杂的投资结构及在新西兰购置资产相关的合同谈判。

Doris is fluent in English, Mandarin and understands Chinese dialects such as Cantonese and Foo Chow.

Doris 能说英语和普通话,并且懂广东话和福州话等中国方言。

T: +64 3 348 8480
E: doristu@parryfield.com

Viv Zhang

Viv Zhang

Senior Associate

Viv is a Senior Associate at Parry Filed Lawyers. She joined Parry Field Lawyers in February 2010.

Viv 是 Parry Field Lawyers 的高级主任律师。她于 2010 年 2 月加入 Parry Field Lawyers。

Viv has a law degree from Taiyuan University in China, a Masters in Law (Agency and International Trade) from the University of Canterbury. Viv’s areas of practice are Immigration, Commercial, Property and Trust Law.

Viv 拥有中国太原大学的法学学位,以及坎特伯雷大学的法学硕士学位(代理和国际贸易)。 Viv 的执业领域是移民、商业、财产和信托法。

Viv is fluent in English and Mandarin and has considerable experience in assisting migrant Clients with legal matters, having been trained in law in both China and New Zealand. This gives Viv the unique ability to understand and appreciate the similarities and differences between the two legal systems. Viv is very well equipped to help Chinese clients who are looking to immigrate to or invest in New Zealand.

Viv精通英语和普通话并且在协助移民客户处理法律事务方面拥有丰富经验。 她曾在中国和新西兰两国接受过法律培训。 这使Viv具有理解两国法律体系之间的异同的能力。Viv具备良好条件协助有意向移民或投资新西兰的中国客户。

T: +64 3 348 8480
E: immigration@parryfield.com

Rebecca Carruthers

Rebecca Carruthers

Senior Solicitor

Rebecca is a senior solicitor at Parry Field Lawyers.

Rebecca是Parry Field的律师。

Rebecca graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Laws in late 2019, and worked at a boutique law firm mostly in litigation before she joined Parry Field in April 2021.

Rebecca于2019年末毕业于坎特伯雷大学并获得法学学士学位。毕业后在奥克兰一家小型律师事务所工作主攻民事诉讼方向,之后于2021加入Parry Field律师事务所。

Rebecca works mostly with Viv Zhang on immigration and commercial matters. Rebecca also has experience with trusts, wills and enduring powers of attorney.

Rebecca主要与Viv Zhang一起处理移民和商业事务。Rebecca也有信托、遗嘱和永久委托书方面的经验。

Whilst studying at the University of Canterbury, Rebecca worked on a publication to orientate international students and coordinated orientation programmes, completion ceremonies and other events for a cohort of international students.

Rebecca is passionate about helping her immigration clients achieve their migration goals and works alongside her clients to make the visa journey as simple as possible. Rebecca has experience in all aspects of immigration law including:

Employer-Assisted Work Visas;
Temporary Visas (Visitor, Student and Work Visas);
Resident Visas;
Family Visas;
Business and Investment Visas;
Skilled Migrant Resident Visas;
Potentially Prejudicial Information;
Minister’s Special Directions;
Section 61; and
Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

T: +64 3 348 8480

E: immigration@parryfield.com


Maree Zhou

Maree Zhou


Maree is a solicitor at Parry Field Lawyers and assists Doris Tu on property and commercial matters. Maree joined Parry Field in 2020 as a law clerk and graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts.

Maree 是 Parry Field 的律师。她协助 Doris Tu处理房地产和商业事务。她于 2020 年加入 Parry Field,担任法律助理,并于 2022 年毕业,获得法学学士学位和文学学士学位。

Maree is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Maree 会说英语和普通话。

T: +64 3 348 8480

E: mareezhou@parryfield.com

Yuki Liu

Yuki Liu

Legal Executive

Yuki is a registered legal executive at Parry Field Lawyers working with Doris Tu. She joined Parry Field in 2016.

Yuki 是 Parry Field Lawyers 的注册法律执行,与 Doris Tu合作。她于 2016 年加入 Parry Field。

Yuki has a Dip. Legal Exec, NZILE.

Yuki 拥有 NZILE 法律执行文凭。

Yuki is fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese.


T: +64 3 348 8480

E: yuki.liu@parryfield.com

Joanne Li

Joanne Li

Legal Secretary/PA

Joanne is a legal secretary/PA at Parry Field Lawyers working with Viv Zhang and Rebecca Nicholson. She joined Parry Field Lawyers in 2014.

Joanne是Parry Field律师事务所的法律秘书/私人助理。Joanne于2014年加入Parry Field律师事务所。

Joanne has a BA degree from the University of Canterbury.


Joanne is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


T: +64 3 348 8480

E: immigration@parryfield.com