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    Selected topic: tax

    Overseas Charities and New Zealand Donations Tax Law 09 Dec 2011
    International Charities and New Zealand Tax Law Are you an international charity that has recently applied for listing on Schedule 32 of the Income Tax Act 2007?  Or do you have Read more...
    Gift Duty and Charitable Donations 09 Dec 2011
    EUREKA! Gift Duty Applies to Donations! Unlike the naked Archimedes’s joyful exclamation, the recent expose of the Eureka Trust comes as a more serious warning for those working in the charitable Read more...
    Tax When Leaving New Zealand 09 Dec 2011
    What Tax Issues do you need to consider when thinking of leaving New Zealand?     Here are a few things to think about when you are in the process of leaving New Read more...
    Tax When Moving To New Zealand 09 Dec 2011
    Tax Issues to Consider When Moving to New Zealand If you are thinking of moving to New Zealand then here are a few tax issues to consider. (more…) Read more...
    Tax On Australian Investments 09 Dec 2011
    Investing in Australia from a New Zealand Tax Law Perspective In New Zealand, we love investing in property. With interest rates down and the share market looking shaky, some may think Read more...
    2009 Associated Persons Rules 09 Dec 2011
    Working with the 2009 Associated Persons Rules According to the Policy AdvicThe Associated Persons rules in the Income Tax Act 2007 were amended in 2009 with a view to broadening and Read more...
    New Zealand Tax Avoidance 08 Dec 2011
    In the recent Court of Appeal decision Commissioner of Inland Revenue v Penny and Hooper [2010] NZCA 231 (4 June 2010) it was held that Mr Penny and Mr Hooper Read more...
    Tax Issues From the Canterbury Earthquake? 08 Dec 2011
    Please refer to our New Zealand Lawyers Articles for a post on important tax issues surrounding the earthquake (more…) Read more...
    LAQC Changes 3 08 Dec 2011
    The May 2010 Budget contained some initial indications of what to expect from the changes to the LAQC rules.  The law has now been finalised, and introduces look through companies ("LTCs") Read more...
    Christchurch Earthquake Tax Relief 30 Mar 2011
    On 28 March 2011 the Government announced measures to alleviate the significant financial burden on businesses in Christchurch caused by the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes. (more…) Read more...