Rolleston Lawyers: Parry Field Lawyers are a law firm servicing the Selwyn area based in Rolleston 21 Jun 2017

Rolleston continues to grow and we have been excited to be meeting many of you out in the community the last few months.  Being Rolleston Lawyers is something we are enjoying!  We still have our main office based in Riccarton where we have around 35 staff so can easily support the full range of matters – from property to disputes, and from commercial leasing or contracts to sale and purchase agreements.  We also have a West Coast office in Hokitika.

One area that we have been focusing on more this year has been charities and not for profits – we will be holding an event at XCHC on 6 July and you can find out more about that here – spread the word for this free event where we will be answering questions those who attend may have.

Living in Rolleston gives a local flavour for Steven Moe as he can walk to work easily to the office at 68 Rolleston Drive.  We also maybe need to include the title Prebbleton Lawyers since Paul Owens lives just down the road in Prebbleton.  Maybe Selwyn Lawyers would be the best term…  At any rate, it is nice to keep things local and being lawyers in Rolleston is a good base to work from.

We have recently set up two websites as well that are worth mentioning: – this is for start-ups and new ventures; and – this is for charities and not for profits.

On both sites we have put up templates and articles as well as some videos.  We hope this is helpful for residents out in Rolleston, Darfield, Lincoln, Prebbleton, Leeston and elsewhere as we realise there are not a lot of resources from Selwyn lawyers available.

Feel free to drop us a line – we can be reached at:

Or drop in to visit your local Rolleston Lawyers at 68 Rolleston Drive – opposite Countdown by the Warehouse!