Rolleston: The Future is … Now! 10 Nov 2016

We are lawyers who have just opened our new law office in Rolleston.  Why would lawyers come to Rolleston?  There are several reasons why we have made this choice:

    1. Filling a gap: right now most people need to drive in to Christchurch to see a lawyer.  We want to be more proactive and accessible to Rolleston residents by coming out to Rolleston.  Already the enthusiasm for this has surprised us and we are glad to offer a solution for people locally.
    2. A close connection for us: Several of our staff have close connections out in the Rolleston community with Steven Moe moving back from overseas and choosing to take his young family there (his children go to Rolleston School).  Paul Owens lives a short hop down the road in Prebbleton with his young family and other staff members live in Hornby and other locations in the area.   Having operated in Christchurch since 1948 we are glad to expand our horizons to Rolleston as well to meet the needs of the community.
    3. Growth and positive developments: Rolleston is growing in importance both in the Selwyn district and as a significant town located close to Christchurch.  With a bustling shopping centre, iZone business park, increasing number of subdivisions and ever growing primary schools (and don’t forget Rolleston College) it is certainly not the sleepy town you may remember of years ago.
    4. Community: Just attending the recent 150th anniversary celebrations and seeing all the participants driving by in the parade, or going to the recent Fireworks at Foster Park where there were thousands of people enjoying the sinking ship slide, bouncy castles, merry go round etc you could see an energy and life and a real community spirit.  The earthquakes and displacement following them certainly gave Rolleston an unexpected boost to its numbers but with that new growth there seems to be a real sense of community since nearly everyone is “new” to the area so there are fewer preconceptions and “the way it is always been done” attitudes.
    5. The future: Anyone who spends time in Rolleston will easily tell that this is a town with a future and there will be a new generation coming through which call it their home.  We are glad to arrive and be part of the history of this town as it moves into the next stage of life and are excited about the opportunities for the residents of Selwyn whether they are in Rolleston, Lincoln, Darfield, Leeston, Prebbleton or beyond.

We have set up our office opposite Countdown at 68 Rolleston Drive (where One Agency is based) and aim to be there on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays or by appointment.  To send us an enquiry write to Paul Owens (Partner) at or Steven Moe (Senior Associate) at or phone us on 03 348 8480.