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    Selected topic: family

    The Family Court System and Visitation Rights 20 Jan 2017
    This article discusses the Family Court system in New Zealand and in particular focuses on contact rights for children after a separation. Thanks to Kim for suggesting this topic on Read more...
    Relocation Disputes After Separation – Where Should a Child Live if One Parent Wants to Move? 09 Jun 2012
    Disputes about which country or city a child should live in after parents separate (relocation disputes) are becoming more common. Travels costs have become cheaper, meaning that an increasing number Read more...
    Trustee of an Estate – Hard work as Well as Grief 09 Dec 2011
    Dealing with the death of a friend or family member can be taxing but, if you have been appointed a trustee in their Will, there is often more work to Read more...
    Contracting Out of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 09 Dec 2011
    If you are married, or in a civil union or de facto relationship, New Zealand's Property (Relationships) Act 1976 will have an impact on what happens to your property in the event Read more...
    Are You In a De Facto Relationship? 09 Dec 2011
    The inclusion of de facto relationships within New Zealand's Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (“the Act”) effectively means de facto couples receive similar treatment, concerning disputes about property, to those who Read more...
    Is Your ‘Joint’ Home Really a Joint Family Home? 09 Dec 2011
    Do you and your married spouse own and live in your home? Are either of you self-employed or involved in some occupation that involves personal exposure to financial risks(e.g. personal Read more...
    Feeling Harassed? 09 Dec 2011
    You may be aware that the Domestic Violence Act 1995 provides a means to give protection to any person who has shared a domestic relationship with another person, and who Read more...
    Economic Disparity – What Does This Mean for You? 09 Dec 2011
    Section 15 of New Zealand's Property Relationships Act 1976 was introduced to address issues of inequality between partners following a breakdown of their relationship. The section empowers the Court, following a Read more...
    Guidelines For Trustees (Family Trusts or Charities) 09 Dec 2011
    Parry Field Lawyers provide legal advice on a range of trust matters including formation and operation of both family trusts and charitable trusts. (more…) Read more...
    Common Pitfalls In Making Decisions For Family Trusts 09 Dec 2011
    In the course of trusteeship, trustees make decisions that will impact on the assets of the trust. (more…) Read more...