Joshua Taylor

Senior Solicitor

LLB (Hons) and BA – University of Auckland

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Joshua works in the civil litigation team to achieve comprehensive solutions in even the most complex situations.

Some feedback Joshua has received is:

Joshua Taylor is an amazing solicitor. He and the rest of Parry Field team are absolutely professional, efficient and excellent at what they do. More importantly, there (sic) fees are also reasonable and affordable. When my partner and I turned to Joshua for legal advice over the house we purchased, he has shown us empathy and care, he understands our situation well and advised for the most benefits for us. We are very grateful and referring him to every friend and family who needs legal advice.”

“We cannot thank you enough, you have worked so hard for us and we have been really impressed with the way you took care of us. Your empathy, compassion and friendly demeanour really made us feel confident in you.”

Joshua has a diverse practice but has particular experience in:

  • Insolvency and debt collection;
  • ACC issues;
  • Property disputes;
  • Commercial disputes; and
  • Building/Construction disputes.

When not at work, Joshua usually can be found hiking in the mountains north of Oxford. In addition, he loves learning languages. Having spent years in Indonesia, he is conversationally fluent in Indonesian and is currently studying Russian, Chinese and Arabic.