Kia ora!  Hope you are all enjoying Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week 2023) and even trying out some new kupu!

The feedback on the Charities Healthchecks has been amazing – I pasted an example below, thanks again to the 100 or so of you who inputted on them!

This update email is about “Seed Habits”, a very short little book reflecting on the 9 key principles I’ve learned from the 364 conversations on seeds podcast.

Would you like a copy?  I am giving it away to anyone who signs up for the Seeds Impact Conference which currently has 268 people signed up – it is all online on 5th October, with 27 sessions and about 80 panellists and the cost is just $20 or apply for a scholarship (means you get in free) – join us?

Feedback on healthchecks:

“The board sends their gratitude to you for the incredible mahi you have put into the Guide.  At last night’s board meeting they remarked on the braided river metaphor, investment behind it and outcome when we discussed it in last night’s Board Meeting and asked me to pass on their thanks.  Thank you.”

I’ve enjoyed being at the Philanthropy NZ conference in Wellington the last few days – recording sessions for seeds to share later, thanks for the opportunity to do that Sue, Lynne, Gin and the team there.

Incorporated Societies note…

Our team is working every day with many many small, medium and very large #Incorporated #Societies to update their rules before the reregistration starts on 5th October.

🌿That period will run for 2.5 years until April 2026.  If you don’t reregister you’ll be removed…all 24,000 incorporated societies need to take action.  Currently 6,660 are also registered charities.

🌳We have free monthly webinars that have reached about 800 so far attending – info and sign ups is at our information hub which has more than a dozen articles, videos, and how to get our free guide with the 10 things to know.  All that is here:

🌊 We are helping in two main ways:

  1. Helping #rewrite #rules (we have developed a set of rules which will meet all new requirements) and helping reregister;
  2. Considering if the entities #should reregister or if instead its best to consider #transitioning to another entity type – such as a charitable trust.

Let me know if you’d like to talk!  Or forward on to others.

Ngā mihi

Kia ora All,

I am pleased to release the Charities Healthcheck guides.  Huge thanks to the 100 people who helped make this possible by reviewing, commenting or encouraging (each of you are listed at the start of these ‘collaborative’ guides).

This integrates in the final feedback received including now having an “Overview” document containing the top 3 points from each part, so it can be used on its own for the really ‘essential’ health check and not overwhelm.  We will aim to update this in a year and continue to provide lots of other resources, guides, articles etc at this Charities Information Hub where anyone can request these.  Feel free to post or share that link so others know about this and if you tag me will add a comment too.

Honestly, this turned into a bigger project then first anticipated – but most important, it should help many!  What else could we all collaborate on?

Also don’t forget that 170 people have signed up for the Seeds Impact Conference already – join them on 5th October?  Just $20 and 27 sessions with about 70 speakers

Two things I am excited about at the moment – releasing this very special 2 hour conversation with Tā Tipene O’Regan (listen here) on the people who shaped his life, and that The Apple Tree will be released in just a few weeks – info here.  Let me know if you’d like a copy?  Have a great day everyone!

Ngā mihi


Kia ora all,

I am pleased (and a bit nervous!) to announce the Seeds Impact Conference which will take place on October 5th with 27 sessions held online across 4 zoom rooms.

Inspired by the conversations on seeds podcast, there will be an amazing lineup of dozens of speakers and panellists who are listed on the website here.  Tickets are only $20 for a full day of inspiring discussion that you can dip in and out of – you can find out more and book in here

The panels will be on #Degrowth, #impact #measurement, #Māori led #startups, #systems #innovation, #BCorps, the value of the #Arts, supporting #Women #Founders, #governance, importance of #books, #Wayfinding, the #Ocean, #Supply #chains in the Pacific, the role of Kiwi expats – very diverse, as this is naming just a few …

You can help spread the word by sharing the website above in an email newsletter to people you know or forwarding this on to someone else.  It is a word of mouth event with no marketing budget so your support is welcome – speaking of which there are 160 supporters listed already on the site and your organisation can join them as well, just let me know if of interest.   A LinkedIn post is here for anyone who wants to like/share…it all helps!

Update regarding the Charities Healthcheck.  There has been lots of amazing feedback from about 100 of you plus many who joined a zoom call on it – am most grateful.   The list of those who have contributed is under the images below – if you should be on the list, let me know!  It has been a lot of work to collate all the input… hope to now finalise and make available the final versions by end of this month.

  • One key change is there will now be the “top 3” in each category moved to the start of each topic, and also those top 3 will be moved to an “Overview” document so that people can choose to just review that to get the really key principles (so not too overwhelming).  Then if they want more, then can dive into one of the other more detailed ones.
  • Also at the start of some am putting an overview eg on “what is governance” based on your feedback.  I am going to keep editing for a while now and making it look beautiful inside then aiming to release it towards the end of this month.
  • The Faith groups one will be released at the Christian Savings conference – encourage those of you from Churches to check it out here.  I will be sharing two sessions there including one in the evening on practical governance tips with KP, the CEO of the IOD.
  • Now for anyone how meant to feedback but got caught up with other things – if you still email me that is OK, but by next Wednesday 16th please.

Thanks again to so many who have inputted on the guides!  Thanks in particular to Kelly Snell at our office – without her couldn’t have done this.


  1. Tim Bennetts of Life Church
  2. Rev. Peter Benzie of the Wesleyan Methodist Church
  3. Katherine Blaney of Start Up Taranaki
  4. Geoff Bevan
  5. Paul Brown of Paul Brown Consulting Limited
  6. Carolyn Cordery of the Victoria University Wellington
  7. Matt Coulter of BDO
  8. Marcus Daff of Lighthouse Resourcing
  9. Liz Davies of Socialink
  10. Danielle Diprose of Innovant Accounting
  11. Andre Dique of Kingdomcity
  12. Sarah Doherty of Doherty Solutions
  13. Jonathan Dove of the Auckland Church Network
  14. Dr Lyndon Drake of Te Tai Tokerau
  15. Katie Earle of Bushfarm
  16. Anne Edgar of Shellock Consulting New Zealand
  17. Jay Erickson of the Drug ARM Board / Enrich Community Chaplaincy Trust
  18. Craig Fisher of Kea New Zealand Limited
  19. Jenny Flett
  20. Hannah Gibbs-Harker of Ākina Foundation
  21. Paula Granger of the Ipsum Group
  22. Steve Hamilton of Vento Consulting
  23. Zebulon Horrell of Future Whenua
  24. Jane Jackman of Nexia New Zealand
  25. Jenny Leith of Amelie Ltd, Governance and Policy Advisor
  26. Barb Lewis of Music Therapy New Zealand
  27. Catherine Linton of Community Finance
  28. Annabel Lush of Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand
  29. Bryce Marsden of the Milford Foundation
  30. Justin Martin of BDO
  31. Todd McCashin
  32. Rachel McDonald of Trust Management
  33. David McLay of Barristers.Comm
  34. Charmaine Meyers
  35. Pat Michell of Crogan Consulting
  36. Letticia Mincham of the Duncan Foundation
  37. David Monk of Home Foundation
  38. Kirsten “KP” Patterson of the IOD
  39. David Peters of Bay Conservation
  40. Mark Peterson of BDO
  41. Andrew Phillips
  42. Karen Pickering of the Diabetes Foundation Aotearoa
  43. Mike Potter of Disability Connect
  44. Sarah Pritchett of Waste Minz New Zealand
  45. Silvia Purdie
  46. Ros Rice of Community Networks Aoteraroa
  47. Larry Robbins of NFP Resource
  48. Kathryn Ruge of Engaging People New Zealand
  49. Jamie Small of Wordshop
  50. Amy Stewart
  51. Steve Talbot of Hope Presbyterian
  52. Sanel Tomlinson
  53. Tracey Twaddle of Kit Me and Inclement
  54. Dr John Vargo of Resilient Organisations
  55. Shary Vargo of Vargo Mentoring
  56. Nitish Verma of Essence Networks Limited
  57. Alan Vink of LeadershipWorx
  58. Andrew Weaver of Legacy Consulting
Reviewed and encouraged

  1. Nikky Winchester of ActionStation
  2. Gillian Whitley of The Leprosy Mission NZ
  3. Casey Williams of Grace Vineyard Church
  4. Dorenda Britten of Dorenda Britten Limited
  5. David Campbell of the Institute of Directors NZ
  6. Claire Carruthers of the Wellington Free Ambulance
  7. Rose Challies of the Terra Nova Foundation
  8. Jenn Chowaniec of the Wayne Francis Charitable Trust
  9. Justin Connolly of Deliberate
  10. Kaye Curran of D.M and K Curran Limited
  11. Kath Dewar of Goodsense
  12. John Godfrey of John Godfrey & Associates
  13. Matthew Goldsworthy of Youth Arts NZ
  14. Jonathon Hagger of the Rotorua Hospice
  15. Bridget Hesketh of New Zealand Search and Rescue
  16. Dawn Hutchesson of the Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance
  17. Craig Jenkins
  18. Rob Lawrence, Photographer
  19. Mark Longbottom of Mercer New Zealand
  20. Rod Macdonald of Fundamentally
  21. Dr Elizabeth Macpherson of the University of Canterbury
  22. Joanne McEachen of The Learner First
  23. Garry Moore of Smash Palace
  24. Nicola Nation of The Akina Foundation
  25. Angela Norton of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association
  26. Anja O’Connor of Flaxroots NZ
  27. Sue Peat of StepsForward
  28. Beverley Richards of the J R McKenzie Trust
  29. Rod Robson
  30. Brian Saipe of Child Rescue New Zealand
  31. Delwyn Shaw
  32. Liam Sheridan of Foundation North
  33. Terry Shubkin of Young Enterprise
  34. Holly Snape of Community Waikato
  35. James Stewart of Gemelli Consulting
  36. Carolyn Stiles of Brackenridge
  37. Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i of Flying Geese Pro
  38. Rev Dr Clint Ussher of Laidlaw College
  39. Peter van Hout of the Methodist Church of NZ
  40. Judy Whiteman
  41. David Woods of the New Zealand Advisory Board for Impact Investment

And particular thanks to Kelly Snell at Parry Field Lawyers who helped with compiling all the comments.


Thanks all,


Kia ora all,

This is a roundup of some key developments, new articles and documents, events and more.


  • We do a lot supporting community housing and so last week as part of the Community Housing Aotearoa conference for 450 we released a “Community Housing: Legal Guide

  • Did you know that world leading innovation is going on right now in granting legal personhood for MountainsRivers, and Forests here in Aotearoa NewZealand – so what will this mean for #Governance and how these new ‘entities’ relate with both companies and people and the law?

    Not many have considered this yet, so it was a privilege to co-write an academic article (a first for me!) with the amazing legal academics David Jefferson and Elizabeth Macpherson from University of Canterbury law school for the peer reviewed Transnational Environmental Law Journal.

    Published this week by the Cambridge University Press, you can read it online here:

Just to explain the #design:
– three seeds in the middle and I think of them as #Kahikatea which from #small #seeds become the tallest trees
– seeds look dead, plant them and they will grow with the right conditions.
– these ones are growing in size and expanding, like ideas
– there is also the #ripple outwards, as the #conversations spark new ideas and reverberate out
– alongside this is the #Koru, or could be a growing #seed, that has been #planted and now is sprouting
– for the listener I want each episode to cause them to consider their own impact and purpose

Seeds is now up to 347 episodes and recent ones social housing – a panel talking about structures and the future;

    • Esha Chabra an amazing international journalist on her new book “Working to Restore: Harnessing the Power of Regenerative Business to Heal the World”;
    • Reading out an article for Spinoff I did on Greenwashing and its dangers;
    • Aimee Blake on Girls Who Grow and Future Farmers New Zealand;
    • Leanne Holdsworth on Humanising Work – she is a co-author of a new book on that topic;
    • “One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur” – a panel of 4 sharing their lessons – Saskia van der Peet, Jack Wood, Ben Scales and Rohan Mathias;
    • Jennifer Hamlin on Animals and our relationship with them

Finally, I love this poster James Luhrs created for a recent Canterbury Tech event where Seeds Podcast had a place – even got the new font right.  It’s now up on a wall in my office.  The lightning talk I gave – after an intro by a Mexican wrestler, will go up next week.



Kia ora All,

How are you?  We are cruising towards the middle of the year and in this email wanted to give lots of free content, some updates on Impact Sector events, training, seeds and more – this email goes to 764 of you and should give a little insight into what I am up to!  Feel free to forward it on to add value to others, and if you received this after being sent the email, just let me know if you would like to be added to the list.

Last week attended the largest governance conference in New Zealand put on by the Institute of Directors over two days for 600 – a summary of every session is here so you can learn from the 55 speakers as well!  For those of you into LinkedIn, the post is here to tag others in – lots of comments on that post too!

The Select Committee has just reported back on the Charities Act Amendments last week over here.  It may surprise some of you that I’m fine with the report and proposed changes as it seems to have been contentious for others.  I do not share the same view that this is a bad thing.  I know many have been calling for a first principles review instead, but my view is this – be careful what you wish for.  There are many positions which are favourable for charities which could be up for consideration such as spiritual groups qualifying as charities and the tax exemptions for companies owned by charities.  A true first principles review would reconsider those matters too.  That is why I am not opposed to the position taken and am glad the Select Committee agreed with some of my – and many others – submissions regarding a tightening of the definition of who is an officer and not requiring a yearly report on reviewing rules.  Let’s move on, and work with the tools we have been given.


Am trying to model the reporting on impact that I ask clients to consider providing – in the last 12 months we have assisted around 40 charities to set up, and also helped 8 start-ups raising between 1-2million each.  Diverse areas to be across but our umbrella is purpose and impact which means that we support charities + business across our team of lawyers while also having other specialists among the 80 in our firm such as property, employment, disputes etc.


Spinoff recently published my article on Greenwashing and developments on reporting here.


This Friday have another “Ask Me Anything” session on Zoom – I need some more questions or sign up here and ask them in person..  You can watch the last one I did over here.  This is an experiment, could be the last one?!


Also on Friday another session – our 15th or so – for Incorporated Societies – these are free monthly sessions that go for an hour outlining the top 10 things that will change and you can sign up for this one here.  Lots more info is at our information hub over here including more than 100 FAQs, videos and articles.


Director Duties – Select Committee just reported back – last night – on proposed changes to Section 131 here.  In summary, section 131 of the Companies Act sets out a primary duty of Directors, to act in the best interests of the Company.  Dr Duncan Webb MP proposed some clarifications that Directors should consider other factors than shareholder returns, such as the Environment, Employees and the Treaty.  The Select Committee decided to propose change but not go that far, instead advocating for the words to be “To avoid doubt, in considering the best interests of a company or holding company for the purposes of this section, a director may consider matters other than the maximisation of profit.”  Our view is this is a helpful addition – but it is a controversial one as some argue no change is required!  Either way, it shows how increasingly Directors will need to bear in mind more than shareholders, and consider stakeholders as well.  I did a post on this on LinkedIn here.


For Seeds am rebranding logo so don’t be surprised if you see this showing up in future!  Exciting times and thanks to Jamie Small at Wordshop and Malin Wahlgren who designed it.

VolunteeringNZ just published a guide to demystifying Legal Language here, co-written with Julie Aitken.


On 17th May in the evening in Rolleston will be presenting two sessions – one on good governance, and one on the role of the Board Chair.  Sign ups are here


Appreciated ChristchurchNZ giving a shout out to Seeds Podcast over here!


Last week presented two hours for Creative HQ in Wellington and their Impact Accelerator on legal structures for impact, IP protection and governance – if you would like the slides let me know as happy to share them.


This Tuesday in Christchurch, Thursday in Wellington and next week in Auckland am speaking at the Brightstar event for accountants on these topics:

Avoiding risks, staying safe and supporting your clients: legal advice for accountants

  • Capital raising dos and do nots– key questions you should ask about your money raising options
    • Contracts and the key provisions that you should be aware of
    • Legal structure options – which are best? Companies, Trusts, Incorporated Societies and what this means for your organisation
    • Director Duties: What do you need to know as an accountant in business – and are they changing


Flashback to Board Matters, a podcast series with 13 episodes that go for 10-15 minutes on governance and leadership – did you check it out yet?  Boards you know may appreciate it.

These Good Governance Code workshops are coming up across the main centres – these are put on by Community Governance Aotearoa.


Have you seen this guide to fundraising by Kate Frykberg?


Is TechWeek on your radar?  From 13-20 May lots of free events on here and in Canterbury I’ll be hosting a table next Friday at EPIC from 4pm for a meetups event with Seeds – info is here


Recent article on “Funds” and how they work for organisations that do not qualify for tax donee status is over here.  We’ve helped several groups set these up.


Seeds podcast now has 346 interviews – one of the latest is with Esha Chhabra, the author of “Working to Restore: Harnessing the Power of Regenerative Business to Heal the World” – it was a great conversation.


I just stepped down as chair of the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers Asia Pacific Board – check out their work in a recent set of articles here.


I am not yet talking about it but as a reward since you read this far, am spending a lot of time on planning of the Impact Conference for October.


A colleague – Peter – just retired after 48 years working here, so wrote this tribute to him and his influence on many.

His approach was shown last night by the fact that of the literally thousands of clients he has helped over 50 years, he chose to highlight one – a man who had led a difficult life and whose funeral was attended by Peter and only three others (including the funeral director). But Peter shared how he provided legal support to that person at the end of their life to have a will in place. A small story but poignant that of the multimillion dollar corporate deals, property matters, court work that went to the Privy Council etc he chose that, because it emphasised that our role as lawyers is to support people in their times of need and provide access to justice. Sometimes lawyers forget that, and reminders are always welcome.

A few of you received a meeting update a few weeks ago from 2021 from someone else who attended it – apologies for that, I understand from the person who sent it out it was their IT system moving to a new server.

That’s it for now, feel free to forward this on to others who it might help!

Ganbatte kudasai!  Japanese for – do your best.


Kia ora All!

Hope you are all well, here are a few updates and upcoming things including an “Ask Me Anything”!:

  • We are closing off our ‘for purpose’ organisations survey tomorrow – thanks to the 41 people who have filled it in already, and you can still fill it in here:

  • Watch this space … on 5 October am planning an impact event… more to come.  This will be an online conference.
  • For any accountants, I’ll be sharing at an event soon in May on avoiding risks, staying safe and supporting your clients: legal advice – info is here
    • Capital raising dos and do nots– key questions you should ask about your money raising options
    • Contracts and the key provisions that you should be aware of
    • Legal structure options – which are best? Companies, Trusts, Incorporated Societies and what this means for your organisation
    • Director Duties: What do you need to know as an accountant in business – and are they changing?

  • Recently hosted a session for Entre on Founders and things they have learned over here, it may interest you too!  There are now more than 340 episodes of seeds at

I am up at Hanmer Springs, at a strategy session for Parry Field Lawyers over two days, here is a photo from Conical Hill!



Kia ora koutou katoa

My thoughts are with all of you in difficulty as a result of the cyclone and storms.

Welcome to the first Impact email of the year – to kick start the year we have created a short survey as we thought it might yield some nice perspectives – was talking to MBIE on some of these questions and they are curious what you all will say!  You can access it here and we would like responses by Friday 24th March:  Also, could you tell others you know about it or put in any newsletters you know of?

Also, this year am on a mission to make the law more accessible so will be doing an “ask me anything” on legal questions soon – am open to questions on anything and so far have had some on the FMA and capital raising, Confidentiality Agreements and overseas charitable work – real variety!  Send your difficult questions by hitting reply.  More info and a video is at this LinkedIn post or you can register for the zoom session on 31 March here.

This year will hold the Impact Calls on a more ad hoc basis – when an issue comes up or someone to talk to – so be watching out for them too!

Our law firm now with 80 staff just moved back into central city Christchurch and was profiled in this stuff article, may interest you as talks a lot about the earthquakes as well and what it has been like returning.

By the way I had a great break over Christmas travelling in Europe, and feel ready for the new year!  How was your break – does it feel like a long time ago?

Ngā mihi nui


Kia ora All,

Some updates in this message below and also was just asked to host a final free zoom Tuesday 13th December at noon on why Banks become a big barrier for charities and for purpose organisations to achieve their work.  Will be in conversation with Ros Rice of Community Networks Aotearoa who are leading some research and Dr Jane Horan as well.  You can sign up for it here.   I’ve helped set up probably 40 or so charities in the last year – our guide is here – and so many of them report that becoming a registered charity was far easier than simply opening a bank account due to AML and other requirements of banks.  Participating in this survey being done may help change things.  As usual feel free to hit “forward” on this to tell others or like/share this post about it…

This Friday is the deadline for submissions on the Charities Act changes.  In the email below are links to the 4 sessions held during November on key issues.  That was sent to the 400+ who attended one or more of those sessions.

Last week’s impact call have split into two audio episodes of seeds:

Spoke at Assembly of Investment Chairs in Auckland last week and this is a post about it as may interest if you are into impact investing and climate change.

Attached is information about a survey related to carbon offsetting – may be relevant to some of you to fill in?  This is what Dr Sebastian Gehricke wrote:  Associate Professor Sara Walton, Andre Poyser (PhD student) and myself are currently working on a research project for the Forestry Management Advisory Group (FMAG) on carbon offsetting. I was wondering if you might be able to help us distribute a survey to leaders within Businesses across New Zealand. A big benefit of responding to the survey, is to have FMAG hear our business leaders opinions/views on offsetting and carbon reduction more generally. I have provided a short summary of the project and benefits to respondents in the attached.  Here is his email: Sebastian Gehricke

Just wrote a short piece set in 2050 asking questions about autonomous vehicles that may interest

Am currently turning this short story into a short picture book – fun process – you might enjoy it, on why our work matters (and if you’d be interested in a copy of the book let me know)

I get on a plane in one week to head to Europe – travel is possible again – hope you all get a great chance to relax and recharge in coming months, and keep up the great work! 😊

Ngā mihi,


Kia ora, some key points to draw to your attention:

1. More than 120 have already signed up for a one off call this Friday at noon to discuss the Charities Amendment Bill – Sue Barker will join me to update people.  We are concerned as there is only very limited time to submit so want to educate people about key points and what may change (submissions due by November 10th!).  Sign ups are here.  Feel free to fwd this on.

2. On last Impact Call Cheryl Spain joined sharing on The Gift Trust – insights into alternative ways of giving, fundholding and how they operate – now episode 326 of seeds podcast and you can listen here.  Thanks Cheryl for joining – next impact call will be Friday 21st as I think we will want to discuss again the Charities Bill sooner than end of month – and I am at an EHF event on the Friday 28th.

3. Below are some interesting articles and links and upcoming events and other things.

  • What if the trees had a say?: Wrote an article with two others for the IOD on governance and nature: Read the article  “This opinion piece from Dr Elizabeth Macpherson & Dr David J Jefferson from the University of Canterbury and Steven Moe MInstD, presents four implications of the extension of legal person-hood to living ecosystems.”
  • Could Socrates have saved Kodak? thanks for the tag Craig Fisher.  Some good questions at the end.  “It is possible to learn how to ask better questions, both as individuals and as a business, and by doing so build a culture of open-minded inquiry that will help you react and adapt at pace.”


  • Have you seen the Match website?  “Match | Te Puna Taurite (MTPT) helps both those seeking and distributing philanthropic and grant funding. The vision of Match | Te Puna Taurite is a more equitable, accessible and collaborative funding system. It aims to connect those with funds to those that seek them.”



  • We are holding a free session on “Real Founders’ Stories” and the true issues they face next Wednesday with three amazing people – Elise Hilliam a founder of MenuAid, Sarah Grant a founder of Magic Beans and Nathan Taylor a founder of Partly – info and sign ups are here  We want to remove the glamour to talk about the real issues founders’ face.





  • A shout out to Community Foundations of NZ – have you checked out what they do facilitating ways of giving regionally?  Smart giving to local charities.


  • For those in Christchurch this may interest:


“I would like to invite you to drinks and nibbles and a chance to talk about the biggest issue facing the world right now – transforming our economic system to one that works for people and the planet.  The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is the leading global collaboration that brings together organisations, individuals and governments to transform the economic system into one that prioritises shared wellbeing and delivers on five core needs: dignity, purpose, nature, fairness and participation.  Some of the WEAll Aotearoa NZ Hub team are gathering in Ōtautahi Christchurch for the Economic Development NZ Conference, and would like to host an informal get-together at Lulu’s Bar and Eatery, near the Town Hall for people interested in the topic of wellbeing economics and economic transformation.  Please see the details below and feel free to bring along anyone that you think might be interested, but please RSVP by email so we can order enough nibbles.

What: WEAll Aotearoa meet & greet

When: 5:30-7pm, Wednesday 12 October 

Where: Lulu’s Bar and Eatery

Address: 31 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central City

Please RSVP for numbers:

If you can’t make it but would love to find out more about our work plan please get in touch with our Country Lead Gareth Hughes on


A couple quotes to finish off:

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” — Steve Jobs

“Stay away from those people who try to disparage your ambitions. Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too.” — Mark Twain

Nga mihi


Kia ora All,

Great to have so many join the last impact call and hear from Vic Crockford all about Community Housing Aotearoa and from Rose Challies all about the Terrra Nova Foundation – you can access the audio as an episode of seeds now here on spotify or in other podcast apps.  Next call on Friday 30 September at noon.

I’m right now at the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand FINZ conference in Wellington with about 400 others for three full days and realise some of you might be interested, so have written a short article outlining what I’ve learned – have a read of it here – a chance to download quickly what is going on in another area of the impact sector right now – hope it helps and feel free to forward this on or share (it’s a linkedin post here).  Fun taking a masterclass with my team member Aislinn Molloy about the best legal structures for impact and hybrid and dual structure.


We have just put out a guide about Incorporated Societies – let me know if you would like a copy.  Also a guide on business structures here as I get asked so much about what is best here and one on what wholesale investors are here.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!  After some days away from home am looking forward to some time with family – I am reading a book of short stories by Ted Chiang called “Exhalation” – info here – and enjoying that.

See you