Homestart Grant for Selwyn District from Housing New Zealand 12 Jul 2017

Did you know you could get up to $20,000 towards your house purchase in Selwyn?

Housing New Zealand offer a Homestart Grant to people who meet their criteria.  If you are wanting to buy a new build in Rolleston, Prebbleton, Darfield, Lincoln or elsewhere in the Selwyn area then this Grant could help get you there.

Amy Adams MP in her June 2017 Amy in Action update stated she was pleased “to learn that 575 KiwiSaver HomeStart grants have been issued over the past two years to help people buy their first homes in Selwyn.”

Amy noted “in the past year, the scheme has helped 412 people in Selwyn with grants worth a total of $3.1 million. 163 first home buyers benefited in the first year of the scheme through $1.2 million in grants.”

There are certain criteria you must meet which is all set out at the Housing New Zealand Website. Please click here for more details.

There are a lot of new homes for sale in Rolleston and the rest of the Selwyn area that fit the criteria so it is a great opportunity to get on the property ladder. If you are looking at buying a house in Rolleston, Lincoln, Prebbleton or the greater Selwyn area get in touch with us so we can discuss whether you might be eligible for this grant.

Our office in Rolleston is located at 68 Rolleston Drive.  Send us an email at or to set up a time to meet.

Paul Owens and Steven Moe outside the Rolleston office at 68 Rolleston Drive