New Zealand has internationally high rates of bespoke residential construction. The difference between residential or commercial construction project progressing smoothly or not frequently comes down to the quality of the construction contract. We have experience advising home builders through to commercial construction projects, both for owners and construction companies.

When things go wrong, our team has a detailed understanding of the construction process, and excellent ability and familiarity with the most frequently used construction contract templates. This enables our experts to provide confident, practical, accurate and timely advice in managing contract disputes where every day imposes a cost for someone.

Our disputes lawyers have experience in all aspects of construction law including

  • Advising on construction contracts before they are signed.
  • Providing opinions and interpreting construction contracts.
  • Adequately ensuring the risks of construction projects.
  • Managing construction disputes including deploying the contractual processes such as an appointed engineer, arbitration clauses etc.
  • Urgent Court applications to restrain damaging and unlawful behaviour.
  • Litigation to shed home liability to the appropriate party.

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