Company & Shareholding

Harmonious relationships between shareholders and directors can suddenly and abruptly finish. This throws the parties back on company laws and constitutions that are often unknown and misunderstood.

Our litigators have a wealth of experience in navigating the often complicated layers of rules that govern companies. With an increasing number of New Zealanders organising their affairs through limited liability companies, Family and relationship property disputes can frequently involve shareholder issues. If managed badly the consequences can be substantial. Often the company holds very significant value. When things go wrong, we have experience in managing creditor compromises, bankruptcies and liquidations. This has involved negotiations with debtors, creditors, liquidators and obtaining Court orders.

We have experience in all aspects of company & shareholding law including

  • Drafting and amending shareholders agreements.
  • Hostile director disputes.
  • Managing hostile shareholder disputes.
  • Understanding financial accounts and advising parties.
  • Disputes over company and share values.

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