Impact Investing

Impact Investing is a new way of thinking about how investments itself is conceived.  While in the past the focus may have been nearly wholly focussed on financial returns, impact investing flips that on its head by making that just one of the criteria to consider when you are looking to invest.  Of course, getting the structure right is essential.

We commonly assist our clients on each side of the table.  This means we often help founders or organisations who want to start a fund or create an investment and work through what the structure options are for them.  We also assist investors who want to undertake due diligence on potential investment opportunities.

Our partner Steven Moe has recently helped write an overview of Impact Investing in New Zealand which outlines some examples of how this works.  You can access it here:

This is a fast growing area and we encourage you to listen to some of the experts who spoke at the Philanthropy NZ conference here and others we have interviewed on seeds podcast, including Chris Simcock from Impact Ventures, and from Bill Murphy on the Purpose Capital Impact Fund

We have experience in all aspects of impact investing law including

  • Assisting investors who want to see more than just financial returns providing funds
  • Assisting entities who want to have such investors think through how they will measure
  • Reporting on the impact the investments will be funding

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