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    Selected topic: business

    “CCCFA” obligations – lenders, make sure you comply! 25 Jul 2018
    The purpose of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (“CCCFA”) is to protect the interests of borrowers by placing obligations on creditors to be responsible lenders. It does Read more...
    Top Tips for taking on a New Lease 14 Sep 2017
    To lease a premises in conjunction with purchasing or starting your own business can be a daunting prospect - often with good reason.   What’s my exposure?   A good starting point for your Read more...
    这篇简介帮助您了解我们是谁及什么使我们与众不同。 07 Dec 2016
    Earthquake Response for Business Owners 18 Nov 2016
      Business owners in Christchurch largely failed to take advantage of their business interruption cover. Here are some tips from our experience with those who did well.  Things to do:   Take photos Read more...
    Why Is Due Diligence Important When Buying A Business? 07 Dec 2011
    The phrase "Due diligence" usually refers to a process of investigation before purchasing or confirming an agreement to purchase a business or shares in a company which operates that business. Parry Read more...
    How To Manage Business Risk Using Terms and Conditions of Trade 07 Dec 2011
    Many businesses operate without clear written terms and conditions of trade.  Services are provided and goods are supplied without any clear record of who will cover the cost if something Read more...
    How To Manage Business Risk Using Terms and Conditions of Trade 07 Dec 2011
    What risks should my terms and conditions of trade cover? Your terms and conditions should address a range of issues that create risk for your company. For most businesses, these include Read more...