Estates and Wills

The certainties in life are death and taxes. Our expertise honed over many decades has assisted generations of clients to manage the transition of wealth from one generation to the next.

Our team can provide the framework for you to make good decisions about your assets. This includes Wills, establishing Trusts, charitable and philanthropic entities. Our Estates Team is experienced in considerately and efficiently dealing with the complications that arise in administering Estates.

Where there’s a will, there’s a fight. Our team have many years of experience in effectively resolving such disputes; ranging from ensuring all parties have accurate advice, through to arguing challenges in the Courts.

Our disputes lawyers have experience with:

  • Wills, Codicils & Memoranda of Wishes.
  • Establishing Family Trusts.
  • Establishing Charitable Entities.
  • Negotiating resolution for Wills that have gone wrong.
  • Challenging wills in Court
  • Managing disputes, executors and trustees.
  • Applying to Court to remove trustees and obtaining directions for trust management.

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