Court, Tribunals & Arbitrations

Resolving conflicts seems to be essential part of human existence.  We understand that sometimes the law is the best tool for you to use to get the right outcome.

We strive to hear and understand your issues, and then help you to understand the correct legal position.  Our aim is to enable you to decide which battles to pick, and then stand with you helping you to succeed.

Our track record is for being effective. We find that sometimes you can get where you want to go by agreeing, but at other times attack is the best form of defence.

We recognize that going to Court is a means to resolve a dispute and not an end in itself. We therefore actively explore mediation, arbitration and just good, old fashioned negotiation.

When we need to go into bat, you can rest assured that we offer first-class Court advocacy. Our team has experience in the New Zealand Courts at all levels, and most Tribunals.

Our disputes lawyers have experience with:

  • Business and employment.
  • Civil disputes including insurance.
  • Land and leasing.
  • Wills and estates.
  • Judicial reviews.
  • Family/relationship property.

Finally, our experience means we can advise on risk management and where you need to put a fence to make sure it is at the top of the cliff.

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