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    Selected topic: Christchurch Earthquake

    What is an Old for Old Indemnity Policy 19 Jun 2019
    The High Court decision in Lee v IAG[1] provides clarification both on what measure of indemnity should be used, and how to calculate it.   An ‘indemnity’ policy is short hand for Read more...
    EQC’s obligations under the EQC Act – What am I entitled to? 01 Feb 2017
    Following the Kaikoura earthquake in 2016, EQC and private insurers advised that private insurers would act on behalf of EQC in receiving, assessing and settling home and contents claims arising Read more...
    Assignment of EQC claims 12 Dec 2016
    The Christchurch earthquakes changed the landscape in many areas of life. One such area is insurance. Prior to September 2010 the words “EQC claim” were never muttered by a Christchurch Read more...
    Lessons learned from the Christchurch Earthquake: Insurance and EQC claims 23 Nov 2016
    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.  Edgar Degas Our experiences over five years ago in Christchurch have unfortunately been brought to life again by Read more...
    Construction insurance – covering your risks 09 Dec 2015
    Are you in the business of constructing property? Maybe instead your own property needs to be repaired, renovated or rebuilt? Whatever the scenario, ensuring you have adequate insurance in place Read more...
    Six year time limit for earthquake claims 07 Dec 2015
    For those waiting to settle earthquake claims, the six year limit to get judgment against your insurer is looming. This article considers the time limit, answers some key questions and Read more...
    Proving earthquake damage. Who is responsible? 15 Jul 2015
    We are sometimes asked who is responsible for proving whether a home has or has not suffered earthquake damage – the insurer or the insured homeowner? In Jarden v Lumley Read more...
    Substantially the same as new what is the standard of repair required? 21 May 2015
    Where your policy provides that the insurer will repair your home to a condition “substantially the same as new” what does it mean? The case of East v Medical Assurance Read more...
    Can an insurer withhold paying until the homeowner actually repairs or rebuilds? 21 May 2015
    In the case of East v Medical Assurance New Zealand Limited, the question of when an insurer has to make full payment to a homeowner to settle their earthquake damage Read more...
    Can a homeowner recover multiple losses – Ramifications of the Ridgecrest decision 20 Jan 2015
    In two earlier articles – Insurance Policy Intepretation – Ramifications of the Ridgecrest Decision and Combining Earthquake Losses – Ramifications of the Ridgecrest Decision, we looked at some of the Read more...