Parry Field Lawyers is pleased to have assisted tech start-up Komodo on their recent capital raising.  Komodo have successfully raised $1.8 million allowing them to provide much needed wellbeing support to students. The start-up provides a platform for students to communicate with staff and provides schools with ways to identify and address issues such as mental health and bullying.

We are proud to have supported the company on this journey for several years now right from the beginning.  Their company represents an ongoing shift towards companies and investors wanting to create an impact through their work.

The transaction was led by Senior Solicitor Aislinn Molloy and Partner Steven Moe with assistance from many in the Parry Field team as well.

Chris, CEO and Founder of Komodo says this:

“From incorporation and crazy ambitious dreams, to this point of our exciting journey, Parry Field Lawyers have been superb in guiding us through an area that can be tricky for many founders to get right. The team have ensured we have done things right from the beginning and we are truly grateful for the dedication that both Aislinn & Steven, with the rest of the team, have provided.”

For more on the deal, see this article:

If you are needing advice on a start-up or capital raising please feel free to contact Steven Moe,  Aislinn Molloy or Michael Belay at Parry Field Lawyers