Maintaining Your Company Registers 07 Dec 2011

New Zealand's Companies Act 1993 requires that a number of registers be kept for any incorporated company.  Parry Field Lawyers provide legal advice on a range of commercial matters including maintaining company records and registers.

Company Compliance Kit

To help companies comply with the Act, Parry Field offer a Company Compliance Kit. The Kit is designed to help both newly incorporated companies and those that are up and running.

If you are starting from scratch, all the incorporation paperwork is compiled along with the registers you need to maintain over time. For those existing companies, you can file your current records in our nice neat files if you so wish - however the strength of the package for you is the step by step walk through of the register requirements in plain, understandable (and non-lawyerly!) English legalease.

We have also included a section which spells out the more stringent responsibilities the Act places on Directors - again in a 'user friendly' style.

This package is designed specifically to make life easier for you. All the information and papers are stored in one place, together with explanations of what you need to do and when. (There is room for company records such as Minutes and Annual Reports too.) All you have to do is remember to look at it!

If you would like further assistance with maintaining your company registers we recommend you contact Tim Rankin or Kris Morrison (348-8480) at Parry Field today.