Key points when negotiating leases 11 Sep 2018


We often have clients coming to us wanting to lease a property and end up discussing the same key issues to consider so we thought it would be helpful to set them out here!  If you would like to discuss any point in more detail then please contact us and we would be happy to do so.

Initial thoughts - Is this the right place?

Heads of Agreement/MOU – can be either binding or non-binding and could include clauses around exclusivity and confidentiality.

Agreement to Lease – this is the key document and you should think about it covering the following matters/conditions before lease takes effect (often a Deed of Lease is not actually signed but the Agreement to Lease will have the terms necessary so the Lease is in place):

Incentives that may be offered to tenants could include:

How much will be paid in future?

Other key points to consider:

We hope this list of issues to think about is helpful.  Every situation is unique and we would be happy to discuss your unique situation with you if that would be helpful.


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