Keeping on the right side of the (Employment) Law – what do Employers need to do? 24 Sep 2018

Employers and employees are legally required to deal with each in “good faith” during their employment relationship.   But what does this actually mean for employers?  What do they need to do to keep on the right side of the (employment) law?


At a minimum, “good faith” means an employer:


It also means that, where the employer is considering making a decision that will, or is likely to, have a negative effect on the continuation of an employee’s employment, they will provide affected employees with:


Sometimes, in order to best understand what something is, it helps to look at what it is not.  The following are some examples where employers were found not to have acted in good faith:


Consequently, if you want to limit the risk of being on the wrong side of the (employment) law:


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