There was an interesting interview on the weekend NBR business show with agritech futurist Dr Rosie Bosworth.

She had a warning about New Zealand being complacent regarding the food industry. In particular, that there could be disruption from new technology in synthetic food.  She thinks that if it is ignored then this could impact New Zealand in the future and the economy could suffer if it is reliant on traditional food production like it is now.

This is a link to an earlier article she wrote on this topic:

Her conclusion is worth repeating here: “Yes, it will be painful to watch the sun setting over one of our treasured economic mainstays forming the very essence of our rural – even cultural identity. But what will be more painful for New Zealand is if we allow denial of the rapidly changing technologically led agricultural and food paradigm, and our nostalgia for pasture-based farming to paralyze our future economic progress. Despite the many palpable warning signs, it’s time to start thinking seriously about Plan B for New Zealand’s road ahead. Otherwise becoming the Detroit of Agriculture could fast become New Zealand’s nightmarish reality.”

Will be interesting to watch this space in the coming years!