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    Selected topic: Trusts

    IRD explains “wholly or mainly” 15 Oct 2018
    The Inland Revenue Department recently issued their views on the meaning of “wholly or mainly” in an interpretation statement and fact sheet. The upcoming change as a result of this Read more...
    Blended Families – Wills and Trusts 10 Jul 2018
    Can it be fair for everyone? Making sure everyone you care about gets a fair share of your property after you die is an issue most of us grapple with. This Read more...
    Beneficiaries Rights to Information 02 Feb 2018
    Are you a beneficiary wondering what trust information you are entitled to, or a trustee concerned with what information you may be required to provide to a beneficiary?  This article Read more...
    Foreign Trusts 26 Sep 2017
    What is a Foreign Trust? A foreign trust is one where there has never been a New Zealand resident Settlor. (a “settlor” is usually the person who creates the trust by putting Read more...
    How to set up a charitable trust 09 Oct 2016
    So you have a great idea that just might make a difference in the world, but are wondering about how to formalise a legal structure that would help you do Read more...
    THE “FAMILY” TRUST: What is it and do you need one? 21 Aug 2016
    What is a Family Trust? A Trust is a structure through which assets are transferred from one person as owner (“the Settlor”) to others (“the Trustees”) for the benefit of third Read more...
    Does a family trust protect my home against relationship property claims? 20 May 2013
    You may have heard that trusts are a good protector of homes against relationship property claims. Indeed they may be – but they are not watertight protection. There are various Read more...