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    Selected topic: Commercial & Property

    Security Interests and Sale of Collateral 17 Sep 2018
    Security Interests and Sale of Collateral What happens where you have a security interest registered against property (“collateral”) under the Personal Property Securities Register (“PPSR”) and the debtor sells that Read more...
    Bright Line Test Now Extended 11 May 2018
    New Extension of the Bright Line Test   In October 2015 the Government introduced the ‘Bright Line Test.’  The purpose of this test was to tax people on any “capital gains” made Read more...
    Overseas Investment (OIO) – Changes Ahead 09 May 2018
    New changes to the Overseas Investment Act (OIA) will be enforced later in the year restricting non-resident foreign buyers from purchasing existing homes in New Zealand in an effort to Read more...
    What is a Constitution and why might I want one for my Company? 20 Apr 2018
    If you are in start-up mode then you have plenty to think about – so when it comes to setting up your Company you may be wondering what is essential Read more...
    Cross Leases – what are they? 19 Jan 2018
    When looking to purchase a house, you may note that some properties are marketed as “cross leases”.  This article seeks to clarify what cross leases are, and what you need Read more...
    Disclaimers – When can you rely on them? 15 Jan 2018
    We have all come across disclaimers of some sort. Whether a ‘use at own risk’, ‘don’t try this at home’ or ‘check with your doctor/lawyer before acting upon this information’, Read more...
    New Changes to OIO rules around foreign purchases of Homes 20 Dec 2017
    New legislation is proposed restricting non-resident foreign buyers from purchasing existing homes in New Zealand. Set to be enacted next year, the changes will mean that residential land will come Read more...
    Methamphetamine in Properties: What you need to know if you own a property 19 Oct 2016
    The media has been reporting about the increased use of Methamphetamine.  This article outlines how it could affect you! Methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous Read more...
    Top Tips – Buying a House – What you need to know 30 May 2016
    We have seen a lot of people make some mistakes when buying a house.  These are the top 10 things to consider when making that purchase... (more…) Read more...
    Ni Hao: Doing business with Chinese investors 11 May 2016
    Introduction We’ve all seen the headlines about growing Chinese investment around the world and New Zealand is certainly no exception.  Although you may already have been in business for years and Read more...